CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix – block carbohydrates the easiest way

To borrow the words of Rajo – this carb blocker is truly heaven sent! And how can it not be? CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix literally BLOCKS carbohydrates! Carb Trim Iced Tea Mix helps eliminate unwanted carbohydrates that eventually turn into pesky body fat.

Now before I go any further, let me tell you guys that CarbTrim isn’t available in the market YET…but do watch out for their commercial that’s set to air on October 16, 2011. This carb blocker will also be available in the market this October 2011.

Made by Unilab for Myra Pharmaceuticals, CarbTrim is sugar free, comes in two flavors (apple and lemon…my favorite is the apple flavor – OMG you simply have to try it!) and contains white kidney bean extracts that help eliminate unwanted carbohydrates – those that you don’t use as energy and can eventually turn into fat. CarbTrim Iced Tea blocks 66 percent of the carbohydrates. Now if you’re wondering what’ll happen to the remaining 34 percent — remember that our bodies still DO need carbs!

There are 6 sachets per box of CarbTrim Iced Tea. Price per box will be between Php 100 and Php 150. Not bad, considering that each sachet will help you block carbs! Just add the contents of 1 sachet to a glass of either cold or hot water, stir until dissolved and presto! You can now drink CarbTrim before and even during carb-heavy meals! Now that’s amazing! No need to deprive yourself of rice, bread and pasta, my friend!

Check out the CarbTrim packaging! I like.



carb trimThank you Harold and CarbTrim!

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