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Sen. Ping Lacson’s statement on his absence from Senate

Press statement of Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. Senator Ping explains why he left the country and why he has been absent from Senate proceedings amid reports that a warrant of arrest will soon be issued.

Mindanaoan reckons that this may be a national issue but this is still something that you and I must also be familiar with. The senator has finally confirmed that he has left the country, amid reports that the courts may soon issue a warrant of arrest against him in relation to the Dacer-Corbito murder case.

So fellow Mindanaoan, don’t just listen to one side. Listen to both parties and decide who’s telling the truth. Let’s see if justice truly does still prevail in this country.

The following the full text of Senator Ping Lacson’s statement. Mindanaoan received this straight from the said legislator’s media team:

As I had correctly suspected, the harassment by the DOJ upon the order of Malacañang will never stop.

That’s exactly the reason why I left the country. I am a victim of a conspiracy of whispers between Mrs. Arroyo and her stooge in the Department of Justice. Even the most tenuous of evidence to justify their own interpretation of probable cause was used against me to satisfy their political vendetta against my person.

From the Jose Pidal scandal, jueteng payola, Hello Garci election cheating controversy, to the ZTE and fertilizer scam, and many more abuses committed by Mr. and Mrs. Arroyo against the Filipino people, where I played the leading role in exposing, are mostly the reasons why I am being harassed no end.

I am hoping, as I was told that the judge handling the case is one who does not easily succumb to pressure and is a stickler for rules, will remain as such and decide the case fairly and based on its merits.

For now, my concern is my own personal safety and security. I will not allow Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts in the DOJ the pleasure of seeing my life miserable and in danger. This is one case that I will dispute the argument – flight is an indication of guilt.

I am not guilty but I cannot risk putting my life and security at the mercy of that evil conspiracy.


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