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If New York has yellow cabs, Davao City has violet taxis

Before anything else, let me emphasize that this isn’t exactly breaking news. I’ve seen these types of taxis roam around Davao City but it’s only over the weekend that I was able to take a photo.

So here it is.

One of the conspicuous violet taxis plying all around Davao City, Mindanao:

purple taxi in davao city mindanao

If the Big Apple – New York – has yellow cabs, Dabaw has violet ones.

Can’t help but wonder if this will set a trend of some sort. Violet isn’t a really bad choice, really. It represents vibrancy and violet is the color of some varieties of orchids (Davao is where a lot of flowers and orchids are in bloom especially this time of year!)

The much-awaited Kadayawan Festival 2010 is just around the corner, by the way, so expect tourists to probably prefer violet cabs over the rather ordinary white ones.



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