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Winners of the FREE Mindanaoan.com keychains!

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First of all, this blogger in Mindanao would like to wholeheartedly thank each and every one of my loyal readers and subscribers - thank you so much for following this humble blog about Mindanao and about life, culture, news and events and...well...just about anything that I personally think Mindanaoans and Filipinos in general would be interested in. Just recently, I announced that I will be giving away several Mindanaoan.com keychains. These very simple but useful freebies will signal the start of a series of giveaways here in Mindanaoan.com. This blog's second anniversary is coming up real soon and since I failed to celebrate my first blog anniversary with a big bang (blame it on the elections, new clients, lack of sleep, campaign preps and a lot more! Yikes), I intend to celebrate t...

Freebies alert – Giving away Mindanaoan.com keychains!

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Hello everyone, I'm giving away several Mindanaoan.com keychains :) Simple yet useful keychains for all of the valued readers of my humble blog about Mindanao and life in Mindanao! It's super easy to receive a FREE Mindanaoan.com keychain. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE TO MINDANAOAN (CLICK, CLICK!) :) Yes, yes, it's THAT easy for you to get this freebie :) After you click the link leading you to the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE, please just leave a valid email address and don't forget to verify your email address by clicking on the URL that will be sent to you via email. Subscribe NOW because I will start shipping these keychains out by June 15, 2010! NOTE: Existing subscribers of Mindanaoan.com need not fret because all of you will also be included in this mini keychain-giveaway thingi...

Google Wave invitations – Mindanaoan is giving away Google Wave invites!

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Looking for a Google Wave invitation? Then read on...:) Mindanaoan has been using Google Wave for the past few weeks...and all I can say is...WOW. In case you haven't heard, Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. Yep, the key there is REAL TIME. Through Google Wave, for instance, I can now communicate with my fellow writers and they can help edit my work in real time, they can share related photos or maps with me in real time and they can also format my article the way they want it or the way that it should be. So for very busy newsrooms, for instance, this can certainly be an advantage because there will no longer be a need for a writer to email an article to the editor and then for the editor to email back the proofread document. Google Wave...

Mindanaoan won a new pair of Fitflops! Thank you Fitflop Philippines!

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One of Mindanaoan's good investments last year was to buy a pair of Fitflops. Widely known as one of broadcasting mogul Oprah Winfrey's "favorite things," FitFlop makes it possible for the wearer to "get a workout while you walk." Fitflop is that fun flip flop with a gym built in! My flair for unusual things that offer more value and my curiosity as to why Oprah endorsed this brand compelled me to finally buy a pair (despite the pretty hefty price tag) last year...and I must say, it was money well-spent! I bought a pair of bronze Electra Fitflops and I just love using them. Admittedly, my feet and legs got sore the first few times I wore my pair of Fitflops but I took it as a positive sign --- at least the product worked! I could feel the tension along my calves, knees, shins, soles and...

Talk ‘N Text Gaaniversary in Valencia City, Bukidnon this April 25, 2009

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VALENCIA CITY, BUKIDNON - In commemoration of Talk 'N Text's 9th anniversary, the said prepaid GSM service, considered the Philippines' second largest, will bring its "Gaaniversary" activities to Valencia City, Bukidnon, Mindanao. “We are happy to bring the Talk ‘N Text Gaaniversary celebration to Valencia City, and we are excited to continue contributing to the vibrancy of this area,” said Steve Alcoseba, SMART head for sales in the Visayas and Mindanao. The Talk ‘N Text Gaaniversary activity is a yearly series of merrymaking held in different places in the country to let hardworking Filipinos and their families take a break and have fun together. This year’s series, dubbed “Talk ‘N Text Gaaniversary: Ikaw ang Bida”, kicked off last March 28, 2009 in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. ...

Want to effectively lose weight this new year?

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