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Mantigue Island Camiguin – what to see and why you should go

Mantigue Island Camiguin – what to see and why you should go

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The last time my family and I went to Mantigue Island in Camiguin was almost 5 years ago. Yes, it took me that long to come back. A pity, really, since Mantigue Island Camiguin has all the makings of being the next Mindanao tourist spot to watch out for. I haven't forgotten just how beautiful it was there. Crystal clear water, white sand, rich marine sanctuary and the feeling of an uninhabited island. I say "feeling" because in truth, several families do live in the island but since that controversy between the settlers and the local government started, they've now been relocated to the other side of Mantigue Island. Also known as Magsaysay Island, Mantigue is about 6 hectares big. A former fishing village, the local government of Camiguin has now transformed it into "Mantigue Is...

Justice for Mantigue Island, Camiguin residents

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My family and I went to the Island of Camiguin a few months ago. What supposedly was a time to relax and unwind turned out to be work somehow. You see, when we visited the beautiful islet of Mantigue in Camiguin (the "less popular" islet --- tourists usually go to the famous White Island), we learned from the residents there that the local government has started to send them feelers. The residents said that the local government wanted them off the island as soon as possible because they were considered "illegal occupants." The residents opined, however, that most of them have been born in the island. They asserted that they were "natives" there and that they grew up knowing only one home and that is Mantigue. Over the years, they learned how to fish, culture seaweeds and eventually welcom...