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New The Pacifico Boutique Hotel CDO chef whips up magic

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So here’s what’s cooking (literally) in Cagayan de Oro – a chef, previously connected with a top local restaurant, has now moved to Crema, that quaint, comfortable cafe at the ground floor of The Pacifico Boutique Hotel CDO. The chef, of course, is a lovely addition to Crema, a welcome “shot in the arm” for the hotel’s cafe which admittedly has been “lost in translation” in terms of how to market their signature restaurant. With the new chef comes a new menu and hotel owner Eleanor Pabayo-Benitez asserts that diners won’t be disappointed. “It’s all quality choices made from quality ingredients but all at very affordable prices. We want everyone to come over and try the food and hopefully bring their family and friends over and over again,” she said. So what’s in store over at the ...
The latest toast of the town: P.O.P.S. All Filipino Eatery CDO, where traditional meets hip

The latest toast of the town: P.O.P.S. All Filipino Eatery CDO, where traditional meets hip

Business, Cagayan de Oro City, Food, Misamis Oriental, Restaurant, Reviews
These days, more often than not, sales are greatly affected by the millenials or echo boomers. These Generation Y folks are those who like to try new things, check out new places, taste new cuisine and post about their own experiences via social media. They are young, have modern mind sets, have money to spend and have platforms where they can easily share their thoughts and possibly influence others. However, if your business is more of the traditional type, how do you target these millenials? This is the challenge that the owners of P.O.P.S. All Filipino Eatery proudly faced and by the looks of it, they’re winning! P.O.P.S. or Pinoy Original Paborito Special serves a wide selection of homestyle and traditional Filipino cooking prepared with modern techniques. What makes them unique i...
Got 4 hours in Cagayan de Oro? Join the Best Of CDO Food Tour

Got 4 hours in Cagayan de Oro? Join the Best Of CDO Food Tour

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So okay, you're excited to fly to Cagayan de Oro and experience the sights and sounds of the city - from white water rafting to checking out a nice CDO wine shop that has a really awesome wine library to staying in a modern, spacious CDO hotel room near tourist spots, you feel you're super ready! You have your itinerary down pat and then you just realized - hey, wait a minute, kapeng mainit - you still have a few hours to spare! Worry not, folks! I have a great recommendation for you - why not join the Best of CDO Food Tour? It's a 4-hour, 4-restaurant dining experience I'm sure you'll enjoy bragging to your friends back home about! Get your appetite ready because the next few minutes will be eye candy and will cause your tummy to growl ;) See? I told you. This is sinuglaw and Caga...

Where to eat in CDO: Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant

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If you've been to Zamboanga City, Mindanao, have dropped by popular Alavar's Seafood Restaurant and have tried their extraordinary Alavar sauce, then you'd understand why I just had to visit their latest branch - their second in Cagayan de Oro. Located at the Cucina de Oro Compound, Limketkai Drive, Alavar's Seafood and Grill CDO is owned by the very same folks in Zamboanga. The first branch of Alavar's CDO is located along Aluba Road, Macasandig and just a few weeks ago, they opened their branch downtown. Alavar's CDO Limketkai branch is a lot more accessible since it's just a few moments away from Limketkai Mall. Alavar's is best known for its sauce which goes best with rice and various seafood dishes. Because of the popularity of the sauce, Alavar's now sells them in bottl...
Hi-Way 43 – Culinary heaven at Kauswagan CDO

Hi-Way 43 – Culinary heaven at Kauswagan CDO

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There's a new dining destination in Cagayan de Oro and it's located along Kauswagan Highway, near the Bulua Bus Terminal (where buses heading to Iligan and Zamboanga are) and right where the old Pan de Pugon used to be. Hi-Way 43 is located just a few steps away from Citra Mina and fairly near the newly opened S&R Membership Shopping CDO. The group behind Hi-Way 43 CDO is composed of talented and skillful chefs and experienced entrepreneurs who are devoted to crafting delicious culinary treats and to providing courteous customer service. I was invited to their recently concluded grand opening. I had a nice meal and I can't wait to try the other offers on the menu. I was told that among their bestsellers are the onion bloom, fish fillet with honey mustard sauce, buffalo wings, ...
Dare to try the Revolution 15 challenge at Pete’s Patriots CDO

Dare to try the Revolution 15 challenge at Pete’s Patriots CDO

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It's the latest craze in Cagayan de Oro and everyone is invited to take the challenge! Do you dare take the Revolution 15 challenge? Named after historical areas during the war era, Pete's Patriots’ Revolution 15 shots honors the heroic acts of our national heroes. All shots are carefully crafted using classic Filipino alcohol as key ingredients to these drinks - Basi Wine, Tuba (!!!), Lambanog, Blue Curacao, among others. These iconic drinks are then mixed with modern flavors such as Jagermeister, Tequila, Vodka and Bacardi 151 in order to produce a drink fit for heroes, and heroes only! I had the chance to introduce Revolution 15 to media friends recently and they all agreed - enjoying Revolution 15 is quite the experience! And here comes the challenge - if you drink all ...
What to order at Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub CDO

What to order at Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub CDO

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My family and I have a new favorite restaurant in Cagayan de Oro. It's where we share and enjoy the BEST crispy pata in CDO and other bang-for-the-buck meals - Pete's Patriots Filipino Gastropub. Located along Rosario Strip within the Limketkai Center area, Pete's Patriots CDO is a newly launched Filipino Gastropub restaurant - the first of its kind in the Philippines. Pete's Patriots aims to provide Kagay-anons the Manila lifestyle bar and dining experience by providing mouthwatering food, quality service and edgy ambiance. Incidentally, Pete's Patriots is owned and operated by the Red Crab Group of Restaurants - with restaurants such as Seafood Island, Red Crab and other Manila based concepts such as Murray's New Orleans, Clawdaddy, Teddy's Burgers, Johnny Kahuku Hawaiian Shrim...
KINGS Deli and Bakery CDO – Cagayan de Oro’s Best Kept Secret

KINGS Deli and Bakery CDO – Cagayan de Oro’s Best Kept Secret

Business, Cagayan de Oro City, Food, Misamis Oriental, Reviews
KINGS International Delicatessen and Bakery is arguably Cagayan de Oro’s best kept secret. KINGS’ main branch, tucked in front of Kingston Lodge along Masterson Avenue, just a few meters past the Xavier Estates gate, has long been attracting a legion of loyal clientele including foreigners, tourists and employees of nearby offices. With so many customers, you’d wish they’d open a store downtown, yes? Thankfully, KINGS listened and they now finally have a branch along the busy JR Borja Extension. KINGS International Delicatessen and Bakery recently opened at Door 4, Great Spot Arcade (same building where The Wine Cellar and Oliver's Pizza are), serving filling and delicious meals as well as fresh breads and pastries as early as 7 AM. Unlike their main branch, their new store h...
Must-try cafe in CDO: Kafe Al Fresco

Must-try cafe in CDO: Kafe Al Fresco

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Have you ever gone out of your way just to check out a cafe or restaurant simply because you've grown curious of all the seemingly mouthwatering photos they post on social media? That's exactly what I did on a Friday when I went to try Kafe Al Fresco CDO. I often see food shots taken from this unassuming little cafe in Sta. Cecilia Subdivision, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro (which is a good half an hour away from my place) and since I like trying out new places and sharing the experience with a friend, I invited Em. Fortunately, she was game to tag along. And off we went to Kafe Al Fresco. Kafe Al Fresco CDO is actually a makeshift structure turned into a quaint cafe of sorts. It's located within a compound that also has a row of apartments owned by the Hojas family. And, yes, it's in ...
Chicken678 from Korea opens first Philippine branch in Mindanao

Chicken678 from Korea opens first Philippine branch in Mindanao

Business, Cagayan de Oro City, Consumer, Food, Korea, Reviews, Seoul
During my most recent visit to Korea, I noticed so many chicken and beer food places. I later found out that eating chicken and beer (maekju) is a very big part of the Korean food culture. Hence, the many chimaek or (chicken+maek) restaurants all over Korea. In popular Seoul tourist spots like Myeongdong alone, you'll probably spot a number of chimaeks along every street. So when I learned that Chicken 678, one of Korea's popular chimaeks, is set to open a branch in the Philippines, I was pretty interested. Perfect time to reminisce all about my trip to Korea! I was all the more interested when I found out that their first ever Philippine branch will be in Mindanao! How cool is that? Chicken 678, owned by well-known Korean MC and comedian Kang Ho-Dong, has opened a branch at the Grou...
Secret Garden for good Korean food in Cagayan de Oro

Secret Garden for good Korean food in Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro City, Commentary, Food, Korea, Reviews
Ever since I first visited Korea, I've fallen madly in love with Korean food. I love how healthy and clean-tasting (i.e. not oily, very flavorful) Korean dishes are. So I'm pretty happy to know that there's a restaurant in Cagayan de Oro that serves good and pretty affordable authentic Korean food. Located along Masterson Avenue, Secret Garden Restaurant is owned and managed by a friendly Korean, who even had a big smile on his face as my friends and I entered the place to have dinner. There were tables and chairs at an open space but there were also smaller, airconditioned rooms. My friends and I opted to stay outside. The huge overhead fan was enough to keep us comfortable. We were served complimentary kimchi, pickled vegetables and spiced tofu. Oh, how I miss kimchi! And how I ...
Pancake House re-opens at Limketkai Mall CDO

Pancake House re-opens at Limketkai Mall CDO

Cagayan de Oro City, Features, Food
Just writing about this is making me swirl with happiness! Pancake House has finally re-opened along the North Concourse of Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City! After a temporary halt in operations a few months ago (due to the expansion of the newly-opened Globe Gen3 store), Pancake House CDO is finally back! What are your favorite Pancake House offerings? Mine are the cheese pancake, caramel banana walnut waffle (with bacon strips on the side, please!), almondigas soup, classic pan chicken and the seafood gambero! And yours? See you at Pancake House CDO!

Liempo King CDO opens new stores, expands menu

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A Cagayan de Oro brand known for introducing the special spicy lechon liempo infused with herbs and spices continues to dominate the local market as it opens more stores and expands its menu. Liempo King now has 8 stores all around the city, including their newly redesigned main branch located at Rizal - Hayes Streets, Cagayan de Oro. Now sporting new, fresher interiors plus an expanded menu, the Liempo King main restaurant also offers fast and FREE WiFi Internet - a rare feature among restaurants that offer budget meals. Liempo King CEO Jeffrey Uraya says that the new look, new menu and added features are proofs of their commitment to customer service. "We value our customers and the experience they get when they visit our store," he said, adding "all of our ingredients a...
Milk teas and wok specials at Jia Cha Cafe CDO

Milk teas and wok specials at Jia Cha Cafe CDO

Mindanaoan Update
Tucked inside the Divisoria Arcade along R.N. Abejuela Street is a treasure - a quaint cafe that specializes in freshly brewed teas, milkshakes, pasta and sandwiches, special mix milk teas and budget-friendly wok specials. Jia Cha Cafe is the product of owner Joy Lim's passion for cooking. Her love for cooking is so great that she decided to quit her job, enroll in renowned Chef Heny Sison's workshops and, with the blessing of her dad, opened Jia Cha Cafe. Joy told that she personally takes care of everything at the cafe - from sourcing ingredients, designing the interiors and developing more delicious, budget-friendly meals. A good example of Jia Cha Cafe's flavorful but affordable food is the Hokkian spare ribs meal (photo below). A steal at only Php 85.00! Pair i...

Something fun at Bon Appetea CDO milk tea and waffles store

Cagayan de Oro City, Food, Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao
Bon Appetea, a milk tea and waffles store, has opened its first Cagayan de Oro branch! Located at the 1st Floor, South Concourse, Limketkai Mall (at the Rotunda area), Bon Appetea CDO offers milk teas, fruit teas, Yakult teas, frappes, fries and waffles. Apparently, Bon Appetea has established quite a following because when I started promoting about their upcoming opening via the Mindanaoan Facebook page and my Twitter account, A LOT of excited fans sent messages. Bon Appetea Limketkai CDO now occupies the area where that stall that sold popcorn and cotton candy used to be. Check out the wide array of drinks and food offered by Bon Appetea: (prices are affordable!) I was invited to the opening (thank you Jon!) a few days ago and I think I was the very first one to ever ...

What to order at Tonkatsu by Terazawa CDO @TonkatsuPH

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Tonkatsu by Terazawa is a Japanese Katsu Restaurant by Chef Akinori Terazawa from Nagoya, Japan, locally franchised in the Philippines by The Bistro Group, same owners of Italianni's and T.G.I. Fridays. Here in Mindanao, Tonkatsu by Terazawa opened their first branch at the First Floor, Garden Area of Ayala Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro City. My family and I are regular Tonkatsu by Terazawa customers. We love their katsu meals as well as some side dishes. The Tonkatsu by Terazawa Centrio CDO branch is also comfy albeit small (they share space with Italianni's) - a nice place to bring your loved ones for Sunday lunch, your friends for Saturday get-together or your business partners for power Monday meetings. I also like the hand-painted Japanese characters, lanterns and other accents insi...

Seafood buffet at Misto Restaurant, Seda Hotel @AyalaCentrio

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Love seafood? Seda Hotel Centrio's Misto Restaurant has something special in store for you! Misto is offering a seafood buffet every Wednesdays to Fridays, 6pm to 10pm. For a very affordable price of only Php 450.00 per person, you can enjoy a variety of delicious seafood delights at one of Cagayan de Oro's premiere restaurants. After a sumptuous meal at Misto Restaurant Seda Hotel Centrio, how about staying for a night or two? Book a room at Seda Hotel CDO here and experience a lovely urban escape :)

Why you should visit Tsinoy’s Pares and Mami House CDO

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I love Filipino food. I love Chinese food. Sometimes I crave for a little bit of both and then want something interesting that I don't get to try everyday. Did that confuse you? Let me put it this way - don't we have days when we just want both Chinese and Filipino food - and then maybe something that could remind us of our memorable Asian trips - all in one table? Good thing Michelle of Tsinoy's Pares and Mami House CDO recently invited me, my mom and Emma to try out their fare. It was the perfect way to satisfy cravings! Nestled at Tiano - Mabini Streets, Cagayan de Oro, Tsinoy's CDO is a 7-month old restaurant that's fast gaining fans and loyal customers. Of course, judging by their establishment's name alone, we know that they serve Chinese and Filipino food. However, Tsinoy'...

Mercato Centrale introduces CDO version – Mercato De Oro

Mindanaoan Update
One of the things I usually do whenever I visit Manila is check out food markets and one of those that my friends and I usually go to is Mercato Centrale at the Bonifacio Global City. There, you can find a great selection of interesting food choices - from donut burgers (yep) to oversized isaw (chicken intestine) to really delicious bagnet (and bagnet bacon!) You can also find fresh fruits, seafood, pastries and cakes, organic products and even arts and crafts. Mercato Centrale is really a must-visit especially when you're in Manila. Good thing the guys behind Mercato Centrale, food blogger Anton Diaz and popular TV host and columnist RJ Ledesma (known as Joey in the Royal Tru-Orange series back in the 80's!), are bringing the popular food market to Mindanao. Dubbed "Mercato de Oro,"...

Krispy Kreme CDO: 7 things you will like #KrispyKremeCDO

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Who doesn't have a love relationship with Krispy Kreme? It's the home of my favorite Original Glazed Doughnuts, good signature coffee and delicious chilled drinks. In other words, Krispy Kreme is the home of good stuff and good vibes. And for people in Cagayan de Oro, the good stuff and the good vibes are heading their way real soon! Krispy Kreme CDO will soon open a stand-alone store at Rosario Crescent, Lim Ket Kai Mall, Lapasan! Krispy Kreme at Limketkai Cagayan de Oro is set to open its doors and light their "Fresh Doughnuts Here" sign come mid-November. Are you excited? I know I am! During a bloggers conference with Krispy Kreme Philippines Marketing Manager Mark Gamboa and Assistant Marketing Manager for Visayas and Mindanao Nadia Shami, I found out a couple of things about...

Good Sunday Lunch buffets at Misto Seda Hotel Centrio CDO

Cagayan de Oro City, Food, Hotels, Leisure
Here's how to spend quality time with family and friends in Cagayan de Oro City. Bring them to Seda Hotel Centrio Misto Restaurant for delicious Sunday lunch buffet! For only Php 499.00 per person, you can feast on a delectable buffet of local and international dishes. This special Sunday lunch buffet at Seda Hotel CDO Misto Restaurant runs from 11 AM to 2 PM. Reserve a table! Call (088) 3238888 You can also book a room at Seda Hotel Cagayan de Oro here

Your photos at Bigby’s can let you win an iPad mini

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If you're a regular diner at a Bigby's restaurant, here's good news. Or if you haven't visited a Bigby's restaurant yet, then here's the perfect reason to do so! Your photos and videos taken at Bigby's can let you win gift certificates and a spanking brand new iPad mini. All you have to do is dine in at any Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant branch and share photos or videos. Remember - these should highlight fun, freshness and happiness. Don't forget to include in the photo the meal/s you ordered at Bigby's. Fifteen monthly winners will receive Bigby's gift certificates. Plus a grand prize winner will receive a brand new iPad mini. May I suggest the Bigby's Rack-a-bye baby ribs, the Singapore Chicken Bowl (one of their latest offerings!), Bigby's Rodeo Chops (one of my favorites) and fo...
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