Shie Corporation CDO launches logo and icon contest

A new Filipino fashion company called Shie Corporation, which is soon to open in the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines has launched a company logo and brand icon contest. The competition, which is open to all creative artists from all over the Philippines, will close on Saturday, November 1, 2008.

There will be 2 categories for the contest namely the company logo design category and the brand icon design category. The winner in each category is set to receive P40,000.00

For the company logo category, the idea is to create a logo that is Filipino in expression and design, which can ably embody Shie Corporation’s identity as fashion provider. Artists must creatively use the letters S-H-I-E. A maximum of 3 entries will be accepted per artist.

For the brand icon design category, on the other hand, the icon should incorporate graphics representing the tarsier (a small, endangered animal of the primate family). The designer may come up with creative representation of the tarsier in ways attractive for the seaming of the tarsier icon to the company product tags. A maximum of 3 entries will be accepted per artist.

*Note – just in case you’re wondering why they specifically chose the tarsier, Shie Corporation stated that the use of the tarsier icon forms part of their support for wildlife preservation.

Entries can either be hand-drawn or computer generated. For hand-drawn entries, designer may use color pens, oil pastels or crayons. The design may be drawn on a clean short-sized white bond paper. Entry should be placed inside a short-sized brown envelope. Designer must clearly specify as to what category (Company Logo or Brand Icon) his/her entry fits. This category must be written directly below the graphic of the design. Submit your entries through mail to Cagayan de Oro City P.O. Box 0641. Don’t forget to include your Complete Name, Return Address and Contact Numbers (telephone and/or cellphone numbers).

For computer generated entries, they should be saved in .jpeg format and sent via email to Include your name, address and contact numbers as well.

Should you have any inquiries, you may contact Meg at cellphone number (+63) 9197120374. Don’t forget to let them know you read the announcement in Mindanaoan!

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Mindanaoan Irene

Mindanaoan is a multi-awarded blogger, social media strategist, publicist, Google Business Group - Women lead organizer, avid traveler and a proud relief operations volunteer. She is also a regular resource person for social media and blogging related conferences/workshops here and abroad. In 2012, Mindanaoan also completed a US Gov't. Department of State-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program for emerging global leaders. She toured the U.S. for about a month for her IVLP experience. She is the founder of a bloggers group and social media club. She is also an active member of several online media, bloggers and social media enthusiasts groups all over the world. Mindanaoan is available for work and travel. Contact Mindanaoan at

22 Responses

  1. Just curious says:

    is there already a winner in this contest? who won?

  2. Hi there,

    Did you join the contest? I’ll try to ask the organizers =)


  3. DsignFX says:

    Hi! I have submitted a design but I don’t any feedbacks regarding the contest. Please let me know what happened. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    DsignFX’s last blog post..Action Horizon

  4. Hi there,

    Thanks for visiting Mindanaoan!

    Have you tried contacting this number? (+63) 919712037 – you can look for Meg =)


  5. israel asok says:

    yes, i have tried to contact that number because i ask for an inqury what entry won, but she didnt reply to my message… is there any other way that you could give us any info on how to contact them?

  6. Hi Israel,

    I suggest that you call them and not just text.


  7. Hi! Can I ask for Shie Corporation’s email or any contact info. Coz I have a copyright issue to the winner of the said contest.
    He copied my artwork, here’s the original, note: copyright na cya in my name and to

    I need your help.

  8. rodel says:

    now the tarsier really won eyh?

  9. Polie says:

    he can you post the winning entry?

  10. Polie says:

    hello! can you post the winning entry please

  11. Mindanaoan says:

    Darlene, did you call the number stated in the post?

  12. Darlene says:

    Hi! Thanks for updating Meg’s cp number.. I’ve tried calling her with the old number you posted but nobody answers though it rings..

    Darlene’s last blog post..Somebody Steal my Tarsier Artwork for Shie Corporation Icon/Logo Contest

  13. KDLIG says:

    Darlene called the number many times but it seems the organizer is not answering her calls back,hmmm…i smell something fishy, could you please help us find where SHIE is located here in CDO? this is a grave offense against the origianl designer of the icon, it will be a great help if we could help Darlene get her Tarsier back, here is a link to the law of infringement here in our country, if this issue will be resolve in no time,it will help other CDO artist cuz the reputation of the artists in CDO is at risk cuz of this art thief,and we could also help SHIE get rid of this controversy if they help as well,cuz the original Tarsier is co-owned by , SHIE’s name is also at risk cuz of this problem

  14. Hi everybody,

    Before anything else – I’d like to make this clear – the post found here in Mindanaoan is only for ANNOUNCEMENT purposes only and my intention was only to help spread the word about the contest. I am in NO WAY connected with Shie Corporation. I didn’t receive any compensation at all for posting the details of this contest. Again, and I would like to underscore this – my entry was only posted because I thought it could help inform the graphic designers/visual artists about this contest.

    Now it seems that this issue has already gone way out of hand and in the spirit of helping Darlene and the other legal owners of the image in contest, I will see to it that I’ll exert all efforts to contact Shie Corporation and/or Meg. I for one know other media practitioners who have helped spread the word about this contest (radio and newspaper) so I’ll definitely let them know about this fiasco as well. Also, I’m sure that Shie Corporation wouldn’t want their name dragged into this mess.

    Darlene – if you could please give me the real name of that guy who introduced himself as the winner of the contest as well as other details – please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you and I’ll keep everyone posted.

    ~ Mindanaoan

  15. israel says:

    this issue has gone way far,i too have and issue about this contest because until now i was not given an info on how to claim the prize.the MEG number i’snt answering anymore.if could just contact the owner or any contact number of SHIE Corporation
    this would be a great help for me.

  16. @israel – you mean you’re the one who won?

  17. israel says:

    yes i won but until now i still haven’t heared about then. i was always trying to call the number posted on the newspaper but still its not answering anymore…i also tried to contact darlene to coordinate maybe we can help each other.

  18. israel says:

    I was about to secure legal advise due to the lack of information that i get.this matter has gone way out of hand. I hope i can get this opportunity soon…

  19. @israel – I guess that’ll be the best option for you especially since you said you won

  20. israel says:

    is there by any chance or any way you could give me the name of the owner and the address so i can confer to them my winning entry or can i stop by your office and where office i can console.thank for helping

  21. ppl says:

    darlene you can contak me f u need and info on hie corporation…my email is

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