Bukidnon featured in Cebu Pacific’s inflight magazine “Smile”

Kaamulan Dancers (BukidnonOnline.com)The Province of Bukidnon found in Mindanao, Philippines takes the spotlight in the current issue of the inflight magazine of Cebu Pacific Air, “Smile.” The article about Bukidnon entitled “Tribal Pursuits” centers on the province’s largest annual festival called the Kaamulan Festival. The Kaamulan festival is the annual gathering of Bukidnon’s 7 hill tribes.

For more information and for the complete schedule of activities for this year’s Kaamulan 2009 Festival, check this page.

Going back to the article found in Cebu Pacific’s magazine, I would just like to personally thank the writer, Irwin. I met him last year during the Kaamulan Festival 2008 celebration in Bukidnon. He was very pleasant and friendly. Salamat, Irwin! Thanks for mentioning Bukidnon Online, too 😉  The article is really great and I’m sure it’ll help boost tourism efforts for the Province of Bukidnon. Cheers!

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