Apply Here: The US Embassy Wants To Send Mindanaoans To The USA

As you guys may know, this Mindanao blogger was sent to the USA early this year as an International Visitor Leadership Program participant. The IVLP is a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State for U.S. Embassy-nominated potential global leaders. It’s a special program that one cannot apply to, unfortunately. However, I come bearing good news 🙂 I just received an email from the U.S. Embassy in Manila and guess what — they want to send Mindanaoans to the USA!

Please read the details below and let me know if you’re interested. Contact me and don’t forget to send your email address. I will email you the necessary forms 🙂 It would also be great if you let me know a little something about yourself 🙂

You can read all about Mindanaoan’s trip to the U.S. here

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We are pleased to announce the beginning of the open application period for the Department of State’s Philippine Youth Leadership Program, an exchange program that sends 24 youth and four adult mentors from Mindanao to the United States for 5 weeks of intensive leadership training at Northern Illinois University.

The program is open to all youth aged 15-17 and adults under 35 who meet the program’s criteria (see below), and we ask that you forward the attached copies of applications to contacts, schools, and individuals that you work with in Mindanao, particularly in the six conflict-affected areas of our focus.

The deadline for submission of applications is November 18, 2012.

The following criteria will be used to select youth participants:

1. demonstrated leadership potential in their schools and/or communities;
2. demonstrated interest in community service and outreach;
3. strong academic and social skills, openness and flexibility;
4. good English language skills;
5. no previous significant travel to the U.S. on a U.S. government sponsored program;
6. aged 15 to 17, either 3rd year high school or 1st year college students, from the ARMM and
surrounding provinces; and
7. commitment to implement their community service action plans, attend the Follow On
activities and share their experience with their families, friends, and community.

The following criteria will be used to select adult mentor participants:

Preference given to high school teachers, administrators and/or community leaders who work
with youth, have demonstrated interest in environmental advocacy, and who are not over 35
years old. Other factors are:

a. active involvement in community outreach and grassroots organizing;
b. demonstrated commitment or evidence that they will return to the Philippines, remain in
their current jobs, and attend follow-on activities;
c. character references and letter of institutional endorsement and support;
d. good English language skills; and
e. no previous significant travel to the U.S. on a U.S. government-sponsored program.

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Mindanaoan Irene

Mindanaoan is a multi-awarded blogger, social media strategist, publicist, Google Business Group - Women lead organizer, avid traveler and a proud relief operations volunteer. She is also a regular resource person for social media and blogging related conferences/workshops here and abroad. In 2012, Mindanaoan also completed a US Gov't. Department of State-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program for emerging global leaders. She toured the U.S. for about a month for her IVLP experience. She is the founder of a bloggers group and social media club. She is also an active member of several online media, bloggers and social media enthusiasts groups all over the world. Mindanaoan is available for work and travel. Contact Mindanaoan at

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  1. tonimichelle says:


    I sent an email to the email address above on October 29 but I didn’t get any response. I’m wondering if it’s okay if you can just post the forms here? I’m really interested. Thanks.

  2. Cellyn Verallo says:


    I have also sent mail to your address and is waiting for your response but haven’t received any reply yet.

    Hoping for your attention.


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