Centrio Ayala Mall CDO fun facts and photos

My Mindanaoan blog has been attracting solid traffic ever since I started posting news and updates about Centrio Ayala Mall CDO. And now that this new Cagayan de Oro mall is set to open in a few days, I thought I owed it to my loyal subscribers and readers to show what’s inside Centrio.

And so I, along with several members of the CDO Bloggers, Bukidnon Bloggers and Iligan Bloggers, requested for a sneak peek of the soon-to-open Centrio Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro. We asked for a special, exclusive tour and the Centrio Ayala CDO marketing and leasing folks granted the request. Thank you very much πŸ™‚

Presenting – fun, fast facts and photos of Ayala Mall Centrio

Centrio Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro is a 3-storey mall located at Corrales Avenue corner CM Recto Avenue. It’s right across Gaisano City. Centrio CDO sits on 3.7 hectares of land.

If, like me, you’re wondering why this CDO mall is called “Centrio,” the marketing folks offered an explanation. Centrio is culled from the words “Center” (since the mall is at the heart of the city) and “Rio” (Spanish for river. Cagayan de Oro has a river).

All of us bloggers were made to wear masks since construction is still ongoing and it was still dusty inside. Pardon the hazy photos.

The ticket booth for the fully carpeted cinemas

Centrio Ayala Mall CDO will have 4 theaters. Three cinemas can hold up to 200 people while one can hold up to 300. There will be 1 3D cinema.

Here’s the Activity Center area. According to the leasing department folks, this can host up to 300 people.

Stage at the Centrio Activity Center

Here’s the Centrio Garden. These two acacia trees, said to be decades old, were retained by the Ayala mall owners. This area is perfect for evening events “under the stars” πŸ™‚

Restaurants and coffee shops will surround the Centrio Garden

The Centrio Ayala Mall folks explaining to us all about the zoning inside the mall. Accordingly, the ground floor will have, among others, high end retail shops and fastfood chains. Rustan’s Fresh supermarket will also be at the first floor. This will be the very first Rustan’s Fresh in the entire Mindanao.

The second floor will have the family and kids zone, Robinsons Department Store and activity shops. The last floor will have the cinemas and IT as well as wellness shops.

So there you go. A peek into Centrio Ayala Mall CDO, which is set to open on November 9, 2012.

By the way, Anne Curtis will be at the mall on November 10 and El Gamma Penumbra of Pilipinas Got Talent will perform on November 11.

So are you excited? Any particular shops/stores/restaurants that you want to visit once Centrio opens on November 9, 2012? Please leave your comment below πŸ™‚

I will also feature several shops in the next few days and will also launch contests and raffles. Watch out for that πŸ™‚

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  1. toraynosaurus says:

    Will there be a J.Co Donuts at Centrio?

  2. amerl says:

    too bad naa mi class ana πŸ™ and ANNE CURTIS?! why oh why naa mi class sa Saturday?

  3. Jameel says:

    How about “Fullybooked” bookstore? Naa?

  4. degie says:

    hello, newbie here since i’m an avid forumer of cdodev only. yet i also fin this helpful. anyway, the rumors about ASAP is really true.. this will be on november 9, 5 pm.

  5. degie says:

    is there any blogspot that is totally free to create? long before, i really wanted to create blogs but some websites like wordpress is asking me for a visa or mastercard to get all along with my blog

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    me Krispy kreme donuts po ba?

  7. degie says:

    hi admin, ask ko lang if highly recommended ang Adsense sa mga blog for them to advertise?

  8. Gleshiel Compo says:

    naa sila khalil ramos? or sila daniel padilla? ty.

  9. Carl John says:

    naai world of fun dra?

  10. HeySimag says:

    Why man walay Krispy Kreme? Huhuhuhu.

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