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After Altis taxis, Cagayan de Oro City now has videoke taxis

I could still remember those days when the taxis (cabs) of Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao were the talk of the town…and of other areas in the country, truth be told. Kagay-anons were so elated when Toyota Altis taxis started to roam around the city (and basically snubbed the “old” taxis) and people from other areas started to hope that they, too, can see “sosyal” public utility cabs in their own places. I also remember the many times when the drivers of “old” taxis would just heave a heavy sigh and wish that they, too, can drive a spanking new Toyota Altis taxi soon. After all, just how many passengers have these “old” taxis lost to these shiny new Altis cabs?

Well, taxi operators that still own “old” taxi models in Cagayan de Oro City should really keep up with the pace especially now that there are videoke taxis in CDO! Here are two photos that I took while inside the cab: (photos were only taken via a Motorola Krzr and it was pitch dark so apologies for the odd looking pics!)

videoke taxi in cagayan de oro videoke taxi cagayan de oro city

Pretty cool, eh? Videoke loving Pinoys will really get a kick out of these types of taxis.


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