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Snorkeling At Camiguin Giant Clam Sanctuary

Camiguin Island, located in Mindanao, Philippines, is inarguably one of my most favorite places. How can you not love the Island Born of Fire? It’s home to a breathtaking white island (where you can eat sea urchins, by the way), a sunken cemetery that’s an interesting diving spot, a spring resort with the coldest water and very near another island that has a rich marine sanctuary.

Yes, Camiguin Island is definitely a must-visit and, as if those reasons aren’t enough, here’s another reason why you should include Camiguin in your #travelgoals — a giant clam sanctuary! At the Camiguin Island giant clam sanctuary, you don’t just learn all about various clam species and the local conservation efforts. You can even snorkel and see these fascinating giant clams as well as other marine life.

When my family and I last visited Camiguin Island, I made sure to include the Kibila Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery in our travel itinerary. Located at the Kibila Beach, Barangay Cantaan, Municipality of Guinsiliban, the giant clam sanctuary is managed by the Cantaan Centennial Multi-Purpose Cooperative. It is home to about 7 species of giant clams (there are 9 in the world) and thousands can be found at the Camiguin sanctuary.

When we went there, it was raining so only one of my brothers and I went snorkeling. My mother and other brother did join us for the mini educational tour but later on decided to stay at one of the cottages and order food. Also, because of the weather, the water wasn’t clear enough. We still did see the giant clams, amazing table corals (these were sooo cool) and yes, even Nemo 😀

Entrance fee per person to the sanctuary is Php 25 (US $0.50). That already includes the mini tour etc. but this will only be made at an area where man-made pools are. Please note that additional fees will be collected if you want to snorkel and see the giant clams in their natural habitat.

We were welcomed by village children. One of them served as our tour guide. Meet him and his spiel in the video I made below. By the way, there are locals there who have small sari-sari (variety) stores. They can also cook meals for you. I do suggest that aside from the food and drinks you may want to bring during your visit, please do place orders with the locals, too. That would greatly help them as well.

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This is part 1:

This is part 2:

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